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Anti Collision Mechanism

To implement this project we will need RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) using which we can label the product with information. It is basically a wireless non-contact system that uses radiofrequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data. The owner of that information can access that information without having direct contact with that particular product.
Anti Collision Mechanism

What is the use of RFID?
When implemented successfully each item in inventory carries its information on itself and makes automation extremely easier. As we saw in Pranav Sixth sense technology about its possibility and uses when every item tells about its price, reviews and other useful information.

So what's the problem?

This system works great when used with only one information spreading tag in the environment but when multiple products reflect and modulate incoming signals.

How it works?

It works in two steps, in the first step, we will perform modulation between High-frequency Pseudorandom sequence with Data Sequence to get high-frequency data sequence and in the second step, we will modulate Incoming waveform with Pseudorandom sequence to get original data.

Step 1.) Pseudorandom Sequence + Data Sequence ----> Resultant Output

Step 2.) Resultant Output + Pseudo random (High Frequency) -----> Original Data

Automation of Inventory
Toll Tax Collection
Improved shopping experience
Information about Car Owner

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