What is UGV ?
Unmanned ground vehicle is very useful and it saves many precious life at the time of war.It consists of camera which send video to the control system or base computer. There are two types of UGV: One is controlled by us and other one which is autonomous and takes its own decision.

For the first type of UGV signals are transferred to and fro from the vehicle and for that reason it has both transmitter and receiver fitted on its body. Design of this vehicle vary according to the needs and requirements. In this article I have collected lot of pdf files to share with you and which would be great resource for you to start with this project.
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PointCom: Semi-Autonomous UGV Control with Intuitive Interface

Planning and Control of UGV Formations in a Dynamic Environment: A Practical Framework

Real-Time, Multi-Perspective Perception for Unmanned Ground Vehicles

High speed hazard avoidance for unmanned ground vehicles in emergency situations.



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