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Traffic Light Controller

Population in cities are increasing with each passing day and according to various estimates day is not far when most of the world population starts to live in city. With sudden rise in population cities are facing problem of traffic congestion which causing infrastructure problem. To counter this problem, automatic traffic light controller can play vital role.

Their are three type of traffic light systems:

1.Fuzzy Expert System
2.Artificial Neural Network(ANN) &
3.Intelligent Decision Making System(IDMS)

In all of the above, we find that Intelligent decision making system is much better in performance and requires concept of other two.

What is IDMS?
It is real time decision making system consists of sensors,application environment, controllers, fuzzy system(fuzzy expert systems and elements) and artificial neural network.Sensors used to get information about traffic on the road than this information is transferred to ANN which provide us desired output which is provided to fuzzy system which takes decision and control light.Moreover, this information is stored in database for taking future decisions.

What is traffic light ?

Traffic light system in Java

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