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Solar powered Pesticide Sprayer

We have discussed many agricultural projects on this blog.This post is part of that series. Farming is one of the most oldest and important business ever done by humans but in most parts of the world it is done in traditional way. Though, farmers are adapting to changing times but their are many more things that's need to be done.

Zoology Project Ideas

In most simple words zoology is the science of study animals in their natural environment.
Nervous System:
1.Detail study about the role of each and every component of nervous system.
2.Design nervous system computer animation which shows function of each and every part of this system.

Hydraulic Clock

In the fast moving world where new products launch everyday, things looks obscure and understanding technology behind it looks out of reach and complex.Take an example of digital clock, we all use them but never bothered about how they work and technology used in building them. Today we are going to discuss project which is not only interesting but has its own significance in a journey of innovations. It will help students learn basics of hydraulics and fluid mechanics.  I have seen this project title at one education site and find it interesting enough to discuss with you.

Spherical Solar Energy Cells

The biggest hurdle in the use of clean energy is their costing which is far more than traditional sources. We at Projectideasblog.com always try to bring you information about the latest technologies and innovation and this article is one of those posts where we will not discuss about idea but technology which in future has potential to change our lives.Scientist around the world are working day and night to make it cost effective.Batteries and Material cost are two main reasons for its high production cost. We can bring down its cost in two ways; first by reducing the price of storage that we discussed in our last post and second by improving the efficiency which we are discussing today.