Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Hydraulic disc brake uses brake fluid ( Ethylene Glycol HO–CH2CH2–OH) to transfer pressure from controlling mechanism to braking mechanism. It was first used in 1914 for racing cars.It is based on the principle of Pascal Law which states that "The pressure exerted anywhere in a mass of confined liquid is transmitted undiminished in all direction throughout the liquid".

Candle Light Powered Fan

Candle light fan use technology which converts heat directly into electricity using a effect called Seebeck. The only problem with these fans is their efficiency which is lesser than 10 %. To use this technology we need thermoelectric materials such as Bismuth Telluride(Bi2Te3) or Lead Telluride (PbTe).

Physics Projects

Physics is everywhere, from walk to talk , from electronics to robotics and from computer science to aeronautics.From ancient times people use physics in construction, wars, travelling and in many more things.In this post we will discuss some of the projects related to this extraordinary field.

Solar Powered Bag

From last few years phones are getting smart, Laptops are becoming Tablets and CD Players are becoming iPods. All these changes make us more dependent on electronic devices than ever. Though these devices keep us connected, but when battery runs out they become liability. That makes battery charging one of the most important needs of today’s world.
In my post mobile charger using bicycle, I discussed how we can charge our battery while riding on a bike. Today we will discuss about Solar powered Bag which is not only useful and handy but uses green technology too. Solar bag consists of skinny film solar cells and batteries. It contains a flexible mono crystalline solar panel, battery, charge controller, plugs, cords and light bulbs. It provides users with power up to 120 watt-hours/day, capable of powering electronic equipment's rated up to 300 W.