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Highway Wind Turbines

We all know that how important wind power is.The only disadvantage with wind power is that it needs continuous flow of wind to generate electricity. Moreover, this is the reason that most of wind mills area is limited to large farmlands, sea and hills.

Project idea we are discussing today can solve this limitation problem. The only place in the world , where winds keeps on flowing irrespective of season whether day or night is Highways . What if we install our wind turbine at Dividers?

Power generation using railway track

The key element of  this project  is a variable capacitor, which can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy with the help of work done by an external force against the electric field formed between the two plates of the capacitor.

Car monitoring System

How many times you heard about car accident caused just because of tire burst or due to break fail?
Have you ever imagined that these accidents not only cause harm to car passengers but also to innocent people on the streets. Even though these accidents are random and can happen with anyone but they can be avoided with the help of modern engineering and technology.

Line follower Robot

Some of the earliest Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) were line following mobile robots. They might follow a visual line painted or embedded in the floor or ceiling or an electrical wire in the floor. Most of these robots operated a simple "keep the line in the center sensor" algorithm.

Generating electricity using roads

There are millions of cars on streets around the world at any given time of day. Whenever, we talk about cars;  we start to think about negatives such as pollution , congestion etc etc. Despite all these cons , cars are essential part of our life and project would discuss today use these cars for generating electricity.

We would use Piezoelectric material below the roads.When cars roll over it, due to pressure exerted by the cars, it starts generating electric current.

Energy Harvesting from a Piezoelectric Sidewalk

Millions of people use sidewalk daily which is a path along the side of a road. A sidewalk may accommodate moderate changes in grade (height) and is normally separated from the vehicular section by a curb.

Hydraulic Car Lift

We all have heard about Hydraulic lifts sometime in our life, but some of you may think that how it works or how to build one for ourselves.

Today we are going to discuss about lifting cars using Hydraulics, which is based on Pascal concept.

Why understanding Hydraulics important?
Hydraulics is a topic in applied science and engineering dealing with the mechanical properties of liquids. Fluid mechanics provides the theoretical foundation for hydraulics, which focuses on the engineering uses of fluid properties.

Stair Climbing Hand Cart

Stairs are names for a construction designed to bridge a large vertical distance by dividing it into smaller vertical distances, called steps.They become integral part of human life and in every construction you can find stairs in one or the other design.Moreover, they are so significant that whether you like them or not but you can't avoid them.

So what's the problem?

Every thing has its own pros and cons and stairs is no exception. When we think of stairs we know that how problematic it for old people or person with disability to climb it. Not only that, but for common person to carry heavy material using them.

Imagine if you want to carry something heavy with you on stairs , you probably would know that it is very difficult and risky task, sometime involved more than one person, if thing is more heavier.

3D Solar Cells

We all know that popular conventional energy resources  such as oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear power are accompanied by problems of air and water pollution, resource depletion and the greenhouse effect, all of which are becoming increasingly unacceptable and difficult to afford. In the 21st century PV (Solar Energy) can potentially meet the rapidly growing demand for electricity with minimal environmental consequence.

Despite being one of the best alternative , solar energy is far behind from coal and nuclear energy in terms of market share. Moreover, it is costlier and less efficient   than its counterparts.To improve its efficiency and reducing cost, we should move towards advanced solar cells such as 3 dimensional.

 Three-dimensional solar cells that capture nearly all of the light that strikes them and could boost the efficiency of photovoltaic systems while reducing their size, weight and mechanical complexity. The new 3D solar cells, created at the Georgia Tech Research Institute, capture photons from sunlight using an array of miniature “tower” structures that resemble high-rise buildings in a city street grid.

This idea of 3D Cell is of William Yuan is a freshman from Beaverton, Oregon.Yuan has developed a 3D solar cell that has the potential to revolutionize solar power.At the heart of Yuan's project is a solar cell that can harness both visible and ultraviolet light.Yuan's solar cells are calculated to absorb about five hundred times more light then a conventional solar cell and nine times more than advanced 3D solar cells.

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Thermal Engineering Projects

The projects of Thermal Engineering includes topics related to theory and applications of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics or heat and mass transfers . The best example for this is Air conditioner. This is one of the most important branch of Mechanical engineering and we can not imaging even a single important task which can be done without implementation of this engineering in one or the other way. Various ideas related to this branch are :

Prediction of temperature and humidity distribution in a room with ceiling panel

CFD Modelling of coal combustion in drop tube reactor

Simulation of coal-air flow in a bowl type coal mill

Mathematical modeling of heat transfer in walking beam type reheat furnace

Thermo Acoustic Refrigerator

Thermoacoustics is the study of the interactions between thermodynamic and acoustic phenomena. Thermoacoustics is a relatively new field of science and engineering. Few devices based on this principle have been made thus far. Most are for research purposes.

Thermoacoustic refrigerators have no ozone-depleting or toxic coolant and few or no moving parts therefore require no dynamic sealing or lubrication.

Concept :

The above formula states that there is a relation between pressure changes, and temperature changes. A dynamic pressure would cause a dynamic temperature and vice versa

Interference between the incoming and reflected wave is now imperfect since there is a difference in amplitude causing the standing wave to travel little, giving the wave acoustic power. In the acoustic wave, parcels of gas adiabatically compress and expand. Pressure and temperature change simultaneously,when pressure reaches a maximum or minimum, so does the temperature. Heat pumping along a stack in a standing wave device can now be described using the Brayton cycle.

Thermoacoustic engines (sometimes called "TA engines") are thermoacoustic devices which use high-amplitude sound waves to pump heat from one place to another, or conversely use a heat difference to induce high-amplitude sound waves.

Thermoacoustics is a relatively new field of science and engineering.

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Mechanical Projects
Solar Powered Refrigerator

Flying Cars

A flying car is an aircraft that can also travel along roads. All the working examples have required some manual or automated process of conversion between the two modes of operation.

Steam engine Powered bicycle

 We all have heard about steam engines, a big giant engine on train, producing enough power to pull huge boogies attached to it. But today, we are going to discuss about engines opposite to train engines, an engine which is small engine but produce enough torque to move our bicycle forward.

Solar Powered LED Lights

Have you ever heard of energy poverty. Energy poverty is very rare in developed countries but in many African and Asian countries it is pretty common.

Someday, if you get a chance to travel to these remote parts of the world, you would amaze to find that how important moon light is!!. These villages have no street lights nor lights at home . Whenever they need some lights they burn kerosene lamps for that.

We have discussed lot of about LED in our " LED Light" post, what about powering it with solar energy.Solar LED is composed of a LED lamp, a photovoltaic solar panel, and a rechargeable battery.

This project idea is for students who are interested in green energy projects. It would be very useful for developing countries , but with one disadvantage that it has more buying cost than any of its counterparts.Even though its operating cost is negligible, we need to provide it on cheaper rates so that it can be afforded even in last part of world.

Human Powered Gym

Millions of people do there workout everyday.Imagine if we can capture the kinetic energy created while pedaling or running and converts it into electricity that can be channeled back into power outlets. The idea makes a lot of sense when you think about all the energy wasted in gym workouts.

Online Auction Site in PHP

Traditional way of doing auction is still popular but due to its limitations more and more people are thinking of shifting online.

An auction is a process of buying and selling goods or services by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder. In economic theory, an auction may refer to any mechanism or set of trading rules for exchange.