Discussion forums

We get to see many discussion forums across the internet in many different languages. Their main purpose is to provide platform to the user for discussion. These forums are not only useful but they are extremely successful.You can imagine their success just by the fact that , it is difficult to find a single person who do not use them(either read or participate) once in a month.

In this post we are discussing about three most famous forum coded in different computer languages.You can download them from their respective sources.
Download Source codes :


PHPBB : phpBB is the world's leading Open Source flat style discussion forum software. It includes all the features you expect to find in today's top of the line software.

Viking board

Discussion forum in PHP and MYSQL

Yet Another Forum.NET

Free Discussion Forum In and C#


J2EE Forum : A J2EE based web application which is used for discussion on various topics. Users can post on individual topics and ask questions which will be answered by other users.

Yazd forum software : This forum software is a Java based discussion forum, that uses JDBC to store data in a database. This discussion forum is available in different languages and has features for easy integration into a site and easy administration of forum.

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MetaSearch Engine

Meta search engine is a tool which send user request to multiple search engines and get the best result out of it. For eg if you search in meta search engine , it will send your query to various different search engine such as google, bing, yahoo and bring back the best result from them.

Meta search engine project

To build your own Metasearch engine you will need following class :

1. A regex class : It can be used to quickly parse large amount of text to find specific character pattern.
2 WSDL files of search engines and license key : Provided by search engines with key which is free
3. Program for interface.
Learn more about it


Ojax -Ajax Powered meta search service
Metasearch uses an advanced search system to search for news articles headlines. 
MetaB O-QE

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Perpetual motion machine

What is Perpetual Motion ?
Perpetual motion would occur in a device or system if a motion, once started, were to continue indefinitely.It is believed to be practically impossible because of friction motion can't continues indefinitely without any external source of energy. Moreover, it is against the law of conservation of energy, so it is virtually impossible to build such a machine.

Yes, on paper it appears possible, but when implemented practically, system starts losing energy gradually and it gets stop after some time.

If it is impossible why it is important ?

It is very important concept to learn and study because it helps us in understanding energy reuse method and concepts. Though it does not run for infinite time but yes, it use lesser energy than any other system.


This system use gravity or metallic energy to move the system. In one of the most common method of these machines, they keep on side of the wheel always heavier, either by water or by transferring some kind of weight. This heavier part keeps pushing wheel downward with the help of gravity and this machine should remain in motion but in real life, it starts to loose energy and eventually stop.

More about these machines

Useful Links :

Mr. Gaar's perpetual motion machine
Perpetual Futility
History and detail of these machines
Museum of Unworkable Devices :This museum is a celebration of fascinating devices that don't work. It houses diverse examples of the perverse genius of inventors who refused to let their thinking be intimidated by the laws of nature, remaining optimistic in the face of repeated failures.

Build your own

The Basement Mechanic's Guide to Building Perpetual Motion Machines

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Mahabharata and Geeta :  

You can do management case study on epics like Mahabharata , Bhagwat geeta or Ramayan. There are lot of material about these epics on google. I am posting you few related to management and mba.
Read about geeta and management
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Automatic light control

In present scenario where energy costs us both environmentally and economically, it is wiser to save electricity. Automatic Light control can helps us to serve  our energy saving purpose.Moreover, we can implement similar idea on something very useful such as Automatic Traffic Light control System.This project is for Electrical and Computer Engineering