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Unmanned Ground Vehicle UGV

What is UGV ?
Unmanned ground vehicle is very useful and it saves many precious life at the time of war.It consists of camera which send video to the control system or base computer. There are two types of UGV: One is controlled by us and other one which is autonomous and takes its own decision.

For the first type of UGV signals are transferred to and fro from the vehicle and for that reason it has both transmitter and receiver fitted on its body. Design of this vehicle vary according to the needs and requirements. In this article I have collected lot of pdf files to share with you and which would be great resource for you to start with this project.
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PointCom: Semi-Autonomous UGV Control with Intuitive Interface

Planning and Control of UGV Formations in a Dynamic Environment: A Practical Framework

Real-Time, Multi-Perspective Perception for Unmanned Ground Vehicles

High speed hazard avoidance for unmanned ground vehicles in emergency situations.


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Aeronautical Engineering Projects

What is Aerospace or Aeronautical Engineering ?
High Altitude Student Payload

Micro Gravity

Balloon Satellite Project : This is NASA Sponsored Project of West Virginia University where students launch satellite in and above stratosphere using Helium powered balloon and track it using GPS System.

Student space system fabrication lab

RC Planes 
RC Helicopter 
Man  Powered Helicopter
Wind turbines using kites
Solar Powered RC Airplane

Design and build your own RC Plane

Build an introductory level rocket

Turbojet Experiment

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Mobile control electrical appliances

Why we need this project?
Yes, all user appliances comes with their own user interface but this user interface is very complicated and sometime difficult to use.Moreover, if you are not around or not at home , you can't use that interface remotely. So, to solve this problem we can use smartphones or Personal computers to control them remotely.

Biotechnology project ideas

What is Biotechnology ?
It is generally accepted as the use of living systems and organisms to develop or make useful products.

Traffic Light Controller

Population in cities are increasing with each passing day and according to various estimates day is not far when most of the world population starts to live in city. With sudden rise in population cities are facing problem of traffic congestion which causing infrastructure problem. To counter this problem, automatic traffic light controller can play vital role.

Temperature Controlled Fan

Temperature controlled fan can sense the environment around and adjust its speed.It is similar to Air Conditioners we use nowadays and fuel efficient.Moreover, it is based on two very important concepts of electronics which are sensors and circuits.

Automobile engineering project ideas

automobile engineering project ideas
Automobile engineering is very interesting field and its importance in our life is indisputable.Automobile engineering is vast field and there are many different types of projects we can do.It ranges from petrol engines to diesel engines, diesel engines to hybrid engines and hybrid engines to completely green technologies. Moreover , as we all know that every new car has its own CPU and Memory and with having them into our cars, ideas are not in scarcity now. I my self got amazed with the new technology driven innovation in the automobile industry where Tesla, Apple and Google, all wants to become part of. Experts in the sector already starts talking about the next competitors of GM and Ford, which is not going to be Toyota abut the technical companies I mentioned above.Moreover, with news of Lary Page's startup flying car is just around the corner, we can surely say that it is very exiting time in the automobile industry.

Collision Avoidance for UAV

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle are not uncommon know days.We all know about it. But as they are flying more regularly, possibility of their collision has increased. This project is to counter that possibility.

For any collision to take place, objects must be on same possible in the given period of time and to avoid that we must avoid this necessary condition. In this post we will see about the methods which can be implemented to reduce this possibility using sensors, navigation systems and radars.

Image recognition using FPGA devices

Face recognition is very important technology in recent scenario of security threats world is facing. It is implemented on defense campuses, security building and offices. Now days it is used in social networking sites like facebook, orkut and our laptops. FPGA is field programmable gate array.