Project ideas for kids

Basic but useful projects for kids, which help them to learn important concept of science.

Disaster management System

Disasters are not new for us, they exists from ancient times but with great rise of them from last decade (Katrina & Sandy) we need to find ways to tackle them more effectively.

Homemade Steam Engine

Introduction :

A Steam Engine is a heat engine that performs mechanical work using steam as its working fluid.The first practical steam-powered 'engine' was a water pump, developed in 1698 by Thomas Savery. It used a vacuum to raise water from below, then used steam pressure to raise it higher. Small engines were effective though larger models were problematic.

how to build a radio ?

Before building your own radio , you need to know about topics given below. If you already know about them then skip that part and move directly towards the link of building radio.

What is radio?

History of Radio according to wiki

How radio works?

What is the difference between AM Radio and FM Radio?

How to build a radio?

1.Science Toys

2.Pdf files for making a Radio ( Download : Right click and save target as or save link as ) :

Boys life workshop Build a radio

Make your own Crystal Radio

Videos :

Learn to make FoxHole Radio

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